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Eyecare360 is practice management software, and Electronic Medical Record, designed by our own eye care practice, Clarkson Eyecare, part of EyeCare Partners. Including Clarkson's offices, we serve over 300 locations nationwide.

Eyecare 360, previously known as GrowCMS, arose over twenty years ago after our own inquiry about what software to use in our offices. With our expectations not being met, we took the initiative to develop a program that was specific to our needs and the needs of our patients, as well as serving as a user friendly system that would require little training for our staff.

Eyecare360 has made an incredible impact on the way Clarkson Eyecare, and the rest of EyeCare Partners, handles patient care and business today. It is HIPAA compliant, integrated, customizable and scalable. Not only has our level of patient care increased, but our insurance filing and receivables have drastically improved. We have been able to minimize staffing even on top of our growth. With networking capabilities across multiple offices, we are able to benefit from real-time reporting and have all of the information we need at hand. Simply put, we would not be where we are today without the use of Eyecare360.

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